Our Services

Lakepoint have many years experience delivering a variety of projects to a wide range of industries.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are committed to delivering efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions to infrastructure & groundworks projects for commercial, public sector and private clients as well as minor and major residential, school and commercial developments in the South East of England.

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Underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilising the foundation of a building or structure. This involves extending the foundation so that it rests on a more supportive soil stratum or distributes its load across a greater area.

Lakepoint carry out domestic and commercial underpinning and foundation repairs, we pride ourselves on being able to produce a practical, cost efficient engineered solution to alleviate the effects of subsidence or heave on your property, quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

  • Mass concrete underpinning,
  • Beam and base,
  • Mini-piled underpinning,
  • Traditional underpinning.


Lakepoint provide competitively priced commercial groundwork packages to assist both domestic and commercial projects.  These include extensions and new builds, both at very competitive rates.

We have all the skilled labour, plant and equipment and all the necessary resources to provide the following services:

  • Site set-up and traffic management,
  • Site clearance,
  • Disposal of excavated materials,
  • Strip & pad foundations,
  • Pile caps & ground beams,
  • Raft foundations.


Working in both the public and private sectors, Lakepoint has installed new infrastructure and implemented infrastructure improvement schemes on many types of projects including:

  • Residential Subdivisions,
  • Industrial and Commercial Sites,
  • Schools

Lakepoint provides Civil Engineering and Construction services for installation and improvement of infrastructure.

  • Water and sewer line construction,
  • Utility installation,
  • Stormwater management systems installation,
  • Grading, kerbing and paving,
  • Roads, raised walkways, boardwalks and pedestrian bridges.


As an experienced contractor, Lakepoint undertakes basement construction, delivering agreed programmes, inclusive of a wide range of applications as details below:

  • Under new houses, increasing the living space,
  • May be used as separate accommodation,
  • May be left unfinished for the buyer to develop at a later date,
  • Garaging cars can increase the number of houses on a site,
  • Overcomes problems on sites with poor soil conditions, high water tables or contaminated land,
  • Can be constructed on steeply sloping or hilly sites,
  • In urban areas overcomes issues of unneighbourly development such as increases in height, massing, overlooking etc.,
  • Are normally allowed in Green Belt, Areas of Natural Beauty, National Parks and other sensitive areas.

Bulk Excavations

Our bulk excavation services provided clients with a quality and affordable service. We undertake all aspects of earthmoving and bulk excavation using modern earthmoving equipment.

With experience in:

  • Site clearance,
  • Reduced dig operations,
  • Cut and fill,
  • Levelling, remediation, preparation of brownfield /greenfield sites,
  • On site recycling,
  • Off site disposal and recycling – using Certified waste carriers,
  • temporary access.

Lakepoint’s bulk excavation package allows for quick and efficient sites clearance, leaving the site excavated to a client’s specification permitting a smooth transition from site clearance to groundworks.